About Our Partnership

Throughout their careers, the attorneys at The Goodman Law Group (TGLG) have amassed over 60 years of combined experience handling a wide variety of labor, employment and general civil litigation matters as in-house counsel and in private practice.  This experience provides TGLG with a well rounded perspective on how clients can most effectively and efficiently utilize the services of attorneys in addressing and resolving legal issues.   

TGLG’s attorneys do not tell clients what to do.  Instead, we partner with them to learn the factual background of an issue, brainstorm with them about a range of possible solutions, and render legal advice that enables them to make an informed decision.  As counselors and advisors, we understand and appreciate that our clients have come to rely on our legal advice because we have earned their trust by treating them fairly and respectfully, as well as by demonstrating our substantive knowledge of the law.

TGLG’s “virtual business” model (no bricks and mortar or other fixed expenses typically associated with a traditional law firm) yields overhead cost savings that are passed on to clients in significantly lower fees than those charged by attorneys of comparable skill, experience and reputation.  By structuring fee arrangements so that clients know the cost of legal services in advance, TGLG offers the opportunity to meaningfully and predictably benchmark the value of the services provided.

 The attorneys at TGLG are Certified Civil Mediators and strongly advocate the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as mediation, facilitation, early intervention and arbitration in resolving disputes that otherwise end up in the court system.  When used in conjunction with preventive law principles, these ADR mechanisms are powerful tools that can help resolve disputes efficiently, cost effectively and in ways that preserve, rather than destroy, valued  relationships.

"Building attorney-client relationships based on trust since 1979."