A Partnership In Law


Over the course of their  careers, the attorneys at TGLG have represented clients across a multitude of industries and in the public sector.  A representative list includes  automotive, banking and financial, education, food and beverage, health care, insurance, manufacturing, municipal, non-profit, professional services, and transportation.

In the labor and employment area, the firm’s practice is focused on troubleshooting day-to-day workplace issues; ensuring compliance with state and federal laws; developing and implementing dispute avoidance/resolution strategies; consulting on and drafting employment-related documents, policies and procedures; responding to administrative agency charges; training; and litigation management.  The firm’s broad ranging civil litigation practice includes engaging in discovery; briefing and arguing pretrial motions; conducting trials in state and federal courts and administrative agencies; and appellate advocacy.

At TGLG, we work with a small, select group of clients in the private and public sectors as retained counsel.  In addition, a growing part of the firm’s practice is partnering with law firms and in-house legal professionals as consultants/contract attorneys.  In this capacity, TGLG provides a workable solution to any organization that is reluctant to add overhead and headcount to its operations.  The firm also serves as a trusted resource in conflict of interest situations and for leave of absence/vacation coverage.

For more detailed descriptions of the backgrounds and experience of TGLG’s attorneys, please link to their bios on the “Who We Are” page.

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