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Preventive Law

Just as “Preventive Medicine” has become an important part of health care, we believe “Preventive Law” should be a key component of our clients’ personal and business strategies.

Preventive Law is the practice of identifying potential legal risks and issues, devising strategies to address them and implementing solutions to minimize or eliminate their effects.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Analyze our clients’ relationships and operations to pinpoint areas of potential concern, including non-compliance with applicable law.
  • Recommend measures to help clients minimize/prevent problems.
  • Train and educate employees about laws and processes pertaining to our clients’ business.
  • Employ Alternative Dispute Resolution to insure that litigation is a last resort.


Included in each stage is a legal audit to review such items as:

  • Company policies and procedures
  • Employee handbooks and rules
  • Employment contracts, non-competes and trademark protection
  • Vendor agreements
  • Record retention policies

The Goodman Law Group offers the following Preventive Law services:

Legal Audits
Human Resources: The firm will review and analyze all HR policies, manuals, handbooks, contracts and practices to determine whether there is compliance with governing law and whether there are areas in which changes can be made in order to increase efficiency and consistency, while decreasing exposure to employment-related claims.

Contractual Relationships With Third Parties: The firm will review and analyze all contracts and contract forms to determine whether there is compliance with governing law and whether contract language can be modified to clarify ambiguities, increase rights and protections, and provide greater certainty and finality in the resolution of disputes through inclusion of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Risk Management: The firm will review and analyze approaches to managing business risks to determine whether they can be lessened or eliminated and will offer cost-effective alternatives to current risk management practices.

Training and Education
The Goodman Law Group offers on-site, customized training and education programs. Typically, these programs focus on employment-related issues, such as the prevention of discrimination and harassment; the hiring, discipline and firing of employees; and the enhancement of management skills. In addition, we offer training and education programs designed to meet the needs of professionals and business people.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
At The Goodman Law Group, we believe the core principle of a Preventive Law approach to managing legal affairs is the use of alternatives to litigation in the resolution of disputes. While ADR can always be suggested by a party once a dispute arises, we stress the proactive placement of ADR mechanisms into employment contracts, employee handbooks and agreements with vendors, suppliers and service providers.

Our experience convinces us that ADR is almost always less time consuming, more cost-effective, and better suited to achieving desired results than litigation.

Please contact us to find out how our Preventive Law approach can significantly reduce your exposure to legal risks.

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