A Partnership In Life


Maxine and Neil Goodman met in law school and were married shortly after graduation in 1980.  The combination of Maxine’s in-house experience representing large, international companies and Neil’s experience in private practice representing a diverse group of  entities and individuals makes TGLG a wise choice for those seeking seasoned    attorneys to assist with their legal needs. 

As counselors:
We  keep clients  informed and updated on the ever changing laws that affect their businesses, and  partner with them to develop strategies that align with their unique interests and goals. 

 As litigators:
We  take cases from the filing of a complaint or answer through the trial and  appellate court processes.

As certified mediators:
We  represent clients in mediation and arbitration, and  serve as impartial mediators helping other parties resolve their disputes.

We  also speak at seminars on a wide range of issues affecting both public and private sector entities.

At TGLG, we understand that at the heart of every positive experience between an attorney and client is the fulfilled expectation of excellent work for a fair price, trust that the attorney will act in the client’s best interests, and responsiveness to the client’s needs.  A commitment to fulfilling this expectation in every engagement serves as the core value of The Goodman Law Group. 

"Clients describe us as 'approachable,' 'empathetic' and 'easy to work with.'"