About Us

Together we have over 80 years of experience as in-house counsel and in private practice. 

We partner with our clients to ensure they make well-informed decisions with which they feel comfortable.

Our virtual business model allows for flexibility in our availability, how we bill and our rate structure.

As seasoned litigators we have the foresight to assist clients in devising strategies to avoid litigation from arising in

their transactional dealings.

Who We Are


Maxine Graff Goodman

Maxine's early career was spent as a labor and employment attorney representing Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, public sector employers and privately held businesses. She worked closely with senior management and front-line supervisors identifying, trouble-shooting and resolving labor and employment issues. She successfully mediated and arbitrated labor law and civil rights claims; litigated in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies; advised on all aspects of workplace law; consulted on collective bargaining issues (at the local and national level); established policies, processes and procedures related to employment practices; drafted employment documents; and designed and implemented alternative dispute resolution programs.

Today, Maxine's practice is dedicated to assisting health care professionals and business executives navigate their employment documents; advising a select group of privately held companies on employment and contract matters; and facilitating a broad range of civil cases as a private and court appointed mediator. She also coaches individuals and businesses in resolving and avoiding workplace conflicts.

In addition to her work as an attorney and certified civil mediator, Maxine has taught at Oakland Community College and Eastern Michigan University. She volunteers as a mediation coach and assists employers in developing alternative dispute resolution processes. Maxine practices and teaches yoga, works out regularly, swims, and reads everything. She enjoys hanging out with her husband and law partner, children, grandchildren and friends.


Neil H. Goodman

Neil spent his early career representing a diverse group of private and public sector clients in litigation matters before state and federal courts and administrative agencies. His experience includes handling a wide variety of commercial, construction, zoning, real estate, personal injury, professional malpractice, and employment cases from inception through appeal. Having been on the frontlines of civil litigation for almost four decades, Neil has accumulated a vast and valuable body of knowledge as to why disputes arise, at what stage they are best resolved and how they can be avoided in the future.

Since co-founding The Goodman Law Group, P.C. in 2008, Neil has continued to share his expertise in litigation matters as a consultant and manager. Today, his practice focuses primarily on transactional matters, including the drafting and negotiation of commercial, real estate and employment contracts. Additionally, as a certified civil mediator, he facilitates a broad array of matters through court appointments and private engagements.

When he's not lawyering or mediating, Neil enjoys hiking, golfing, working out, and cooking. He also plays drums in a classic rock band and is working on his first book. Neil has been happily married to Maxine Graff Goodman since 1980 and is in awe of their three incredible children, only one of whom chose a career in the law.