What We Do


Through the years we have handled diverse and challenging cases for clients of all sizes, from individuals to large corporations. As litigators, we have taken cases from the filing of a complaint or answer through the appellate process. As mediators, we have represented clients in mediation and arbitration as well as served as impartial mediators helping other parties resolve their disputes. And, as lawyers who practice preventive law, we have worked with clients to minimize risk exposure through document reviews; drafted policies and procedures; and conducted training for employees, managers and professionals. We have also spoken at seminars on a wide range of issues affecting the public and private sectors.

Our Services

  • 1 Review, negotiate and provide advice on employment and other related documents for medical, dental and business professionals.
  • 2 Counsel and advise a select group of public and private sector businesses and organizations.
  • 3 Create and negotiate commercial agreements.
  • 4 Serve as impartial mediators in a broad range of civil matters. Provide early intervention mediation and conflict resolution coaching for individuals and entities.